Project Overview

As of November 2019, South Jersey Gas (SJG) completed remediation at the Pleasantville former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Site in Pleasantville, New Jersey. The Site is located at the intersection of North Franklin Boulevard and Old Turnpike and includes portions of roadway, as well as the following properties:

Block 103, Lot 27

Block 130, Lot 5

Block 131, Lots 1 and 2.

All of the properties remediated are owned by South Jersey Gas. The roadways are the jurisdiction of both the City of Pleasantville and Atlantic County.


During the 1800s, in many towns and cities across the United States, manufactured gas was produced from materials such as coal and oil.  The fuel produced at an MGP was used to light homes, businesses and street lamps. Prior to World War II, more than 5,000 such plants existed throughout the country, particularly in cities and towns in the Midwest and East.  When the interstate pipeline introduced natural gas to the area in the 1950s, MGPs rapidly disappeared. The operations of the plants left by-products at these sites that are being cleaned up under today’s environmental standards.

 Previous Remediation Investigations/Actions at the Site

South Jersey Gas investigated the site for the presence of byproducts from the MGP process. All activities were completed in accordance with the NJDEP Technical Requirements for Site Remediation and under the oversight of the site’s Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP).  Impacts to soil and groundwater were identified as part of the findings of the investigation. An interim remedial measure (IRM) was completed in May 2016 on Block 132 Lot 11 that included the excavation of MGP impacted material on the former Ole Hansen property.

An additional IRM was completed in May 2017 on Block 103, Lot 27 that included the excavation of MGP impacted material. In preparation for the next stage of environmental remediation, two buildings were removed on Block 131, Lots 1 and 2. A Remedial Action Work Plan was submitted to the NJDEP.

From 2018 through 2019, South Jersey Gas removed an existing structure on site (storage garage) and subsurface infrastructure related to the former plant’s operations. Excavation and in-situ stabilization (use of stabilization materials) were conducted on approximately 150,000 tons of impacted soils.